As the number one producer of natural gas in the Appalachian Basin, EQT's operations include exploration and production of oil & gas reserves; including gas extraction through safe and efficient horizontal drilling technology. Our subsidiary, EQT Midstream Partners, has significant and strategic pipeline infrastructure that complements EQT's natural gas production assets and transports our gas to various markets along the east coast and in the midwest United States. EQT's Commercial team works to manage the Company's supply/demand balance through its gas marketing activities.


EQT is a leader in the use of innovative natural gas drilling technology – designed to minimize the potential impact of drilling-related activities and reduce the overall environmental footprint of our operations. Our core natural gas production and pipeline infrastructure focuses in southwestern Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia, along with additional producing wells in Kentucky, Ohio, Texas, and Virginia. We own or maintain drilling rights to 3.6 million acres of land, including approximately 800,000 total net acres in the Marcellus Shale and 500,000 total net acres in the Utica Shale.


EQT formed EQT Midstream Partners, LP (EQM) to own, operate, acquire, and develop pipeline infrastructure assets in the Appalachian Basin. EQM provides midstream services to EQT and multiple third parties across 24 counties in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio, and is focused on organic growth opportunities in the region. EQM owns approximately 950 miles of FERC-regulated interstate pipelines; and also owns approximately 1,800 miles of high- and low-pressure gathering lines which support the transportation and distribution of natural gas throughout the United States.

Commercial Activities

As EQT’s customer-facing entity, the Commercial group manages the commodity sales, transportation, processing, and hedging of EQT’s produced natural gas. They work to place the Company’s produced commodities in the hands of end-users, particularly in areas where demand is on the rise, which facilitates opportunities for future growth over-the-long-term. The Commercial team adds value across the midstream and upstream business units by providing transactional support that includes market outlook information, deal structuring, and risk management capabilities. This work also includes actively diversifying EQT’s end-use markets and transportation portfolio in order to optimize the Company’s physical assets to capture synergistic value through commodity purchases, transportation utilization, and end-use sales opportunities.

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